Matterport Technology for Construction

Matterport is a new construction technology that’s blazing a trail for 3D space capture applications. This comprehensive platform transforms building spaces into digital twin models that bring the design to life. It allows you to get the feel of a building layout without being there. Many architectural, engineering and construction professionals are integrating this revolutionary concept into their building information modeling (BIM) processes.

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Matterport Technology for Construction

3D Scanning and Virtual Tours

Matterport allows you to create a detailed 3D model of construction sites, buildings, and interiors. This can be used for documenting the existing conditions of a site, providing virtual tours to clients, or tracking progress throughout the construction process.

Using the Matterport finished project doesn’t require extensive experience or technical expertise. The automated processing and functionality simplify the process. The intuitive Matterport capture app lets you scan and edit your images and create a sharp, detailed 3D model you can share via email or social media or embed on a website.

Project Documentation

Matterport models serve as an excellent way to document the stages of a construction project. You can create scans at various milestones to keep track of the work, which can be helpful for quality control and dispute resolution. Project Management Software: The software also allows each party involved in a construction project to update, change and share data within a single platform. Project management software typically includes functions such as safety, scheduling, quality assurance and contract management.


Matterport models can be easily shared with project stakeholders, both on-site and remotely. Architects, engineers, project managers, and clients can collaborate more effectively by viewing and discussing the project in a virtual 3D environment.

Seamless integration

If you’re an architecture or engineering professional, you’ll appreciate the way Matterport can streamline your design and modeling processes. The platform integrates with your existing software, whether you use AutoCAD, Revit or other popular BIM solutions.

Matterport provides tools for measuring distances, areas, and volumes within the scanned space. This can be useful for verifying measurements, assessing space requirements, and planning for materials and resources.

Marketing and Sales

Matterport models are unrivalled when it comes to marketing and sales. Estate professionals can use it to showcase properties to potential buyers or renters, while construction companies can use it to demonstrate the quality of their work.

Facility Management

Once construction is complete, Matterport models can continue to be valuable for facility management. Matterport software offers a reliable solution for surveying your buildings. You’ll be able to monitor conditions and manage your maintenance practices more effectively. You can also access critical building intelligence to create a more practical, efficient layout. You’ll likely experience substantial savings on your site surveying and as-built modeling expenses, too.

Safety and Training

Matterport models can be used for safety training and planning. The model can be used to identify potential safety hazards and develop safety protocols.

Cost Savings

By utilizing Matterport software, construction professionals can save time and money. It can reduce the need for physical site visits, minimize errors, and enhance communication among team members.